EuroShop 2014

Theme: Dinner Party of New Elegance

EuroShop2014|pearl mannequin

16 Feb - 20 Feb,2014 [Dusseldorf Germany]

The guests will be welcomed by the works of Pearl Mannequin served on the stage of dishes. “New Elegance” is not merely about gorgeousness, rather it’s the genuineness that meets the value of one’s self. Each and every work will be displayed in such care that you would feel as if you have entered a museum.
The dinner hall will be presented in a mid-century-retro meets modern environment portrayed with the mix and match of purple and monotone. With a welcome drink in one hand and a pamphlet in the other, you will soon enter into a joyous scene created by the Communication Mannequins displayed in a way that you could almost some cheerful conversations.